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I've never danced before, am I able to participate in the lesson?
Yes! Please come to the Friday class.
I'm not flexible at all, will I be alright?
No worries, we stretch very carefully and slowly.
Are classes only for ladies?
No, however male student needs another student's recommendation.
Is there an age limit to take ballet lessons?
Anyone aged over 13 years old.
How do I take trial lesson?
Please fill in the form to book a trial.
Do I need reservation?
You need it only for trial lesson.
How can I purchase a lesson ticket?
Please buy from the instructor.
Can I use the ticket straight away after I buy ticket?
Yes, absolutely!
How do I use the ticket?
Please put your ticket inside the box on the table.
What should I wear?
There is no specific dress code. Please wear something comfortable that you can move in.
Do I need Ballet shoes?
It depends on which class you are taking, please check Classes Page for more information.
Is there changing rooms at the studio?
Yes, there are three small changing rooms.
What time can I enter the studio?
15 minutes before the lesson starts.
What happens if I'm running late for class?
It’s fine! You can join once the class has started.
How do I know if the academy is closed due to inclement weather or other reasons?
We will inform you as soon as possible on Twitter and Google Calendar on Website.
Do you take measures against infection?
Yes, wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, bars and mats, and constantly ventilating the studio.
I have more questions, how do I find out more information?
Please fill in the form below, and we will try to get you an answer as quick as possible!

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